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VM2 knows Web Search Engine Marketing, SEO, and WEb design optmizationVirtual Media Mavens, LLC (VM2) is a highly specialized  Google AdWords Certified online advertising and marketing agency. As  mavens, trusted experts who share unique knowledge with others, we use our award-winning  industry expertise helping business owners to promote online and acquire a greater position in web search.


Our mission: Build superior online presence for our clients.

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We are experienced website design analysts,  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists. We build customized online marketing strategies, including: unique content creation, tailored social marketing planning, online advertising campaigns, and custom websites, including e-commerce sites. We present workshops and provide small business owners with training to manage their online presence.



  • GET FOUND!  We provide consulting and customized marketing strategies.


  • GET TRAFFIC!  Hire us to build an optimized website or e-commerce site, and create a competitive online presence today.


Our Guarantee: We take care of you every step of the way.  By optimizing your website’s presence so customers discover your business, you can grow it. We concentrate on the marketing & optimization, so you can concentrate on the profits.  Within our workshops or client meetings, we help you to understand how everything fits together in online marketing such as content creation, keywords, meta data, SEO, analytics, social media, blogging, and online advertising.

Virtual Media Mavens, LLC is a Google Certified company



Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials

VM2 History

VM2 History

(Virtual Media Mavens, LLC was founded in 2011. It was co-founded by Chelse Benham and Hilda Del Rio.)

At Virtual Media Mavens, LLC saw a lack of online marketing geared towards women even though women are the number one consumer in almost all sectors of business and commerce. We asked ourselves, “With 80% of women doing the purchasing, why was there such a gross disparity between marketing approaches (geared towards men), and the target shopper (women)?”

We believe there are two majors issues occurring in marketing today. (1) There is a gap in understanding how online technology and social media integrate and impact web marketing. (2) And, most marketing still takes the stereotypical masculine approach; not speaking or engaging women. “You Shouldn’t market to women as if they were men wearing skirts.” We created a company to address both of these issues.

It is our experience that many people and business owners feel overwhelmed by social media, web marketing, and online technology. No doubt, the industry has created volumes of information on every aspect of online marketing. Search the words “social media marketing” and Google will retrieve 99,900,000 results! We also realize our culture is one of instant gratification. The average business person wants the information now. Wants content and customers yesterday. And wants profits from online traffic forever. VM2 condenses  information into short tutorials, aggregated resources, and comprehensive workshops. We provide private consulting and can be hired to build and drive your online presence all the way to profitability. We guarantee to expedite mastering the web technology curve in a way that fits the schedule of a busy business owner.

Chelse Benham and Hilda Del Rio

The Virtual Media Mavens, LLC Co-Founders

Awards Won

Awards Won

At Virtual Media Mavens, its founders have more than 25 years of combined marketing and design experience. They have won some of the world’s most prestigious awards in their continuous effort to strive for the best in web marketing, video production, multimedia creation, web design, and mobile applications.

Winning awards like these can help businesses increase their credibility, give employees well-deserved recognition for their efforts, and perhaps most importantly of all, improve brand trust. Even just entering competitions sends out a positive message to stakeholders and consumers that the company cares about being seen as the best and it is striving for external recognition of this fact.

When an organization wins an industry award it take pride knowing it produced high quality, truly competitive work. Company management will typically find staff confidence growing after the award is won.  Customers will treat the company with greater respect seeing the award on display. And marketing campaigns are likely to carry more weight because of the increase in awareness about the company and its credibility.

Ultimately, successful award entries are likely to make a positive impact on a business’ bottom line, with industry observers indicating that 80% of business buyers and 70% of consumers are influenced by them.

VM2 believes winning awards creates brand value because the award-winning work is judged by industry peers to be one of the best in the field. Submitting work is a strategy Virtual Media Mavens practices, and recommends to its clients. We believe you can’t win if you don’t play. Put our experience to work for you when building your online presence.

Pictured below are just a few of our awards – the Lone Star Emmy Award, Telly Award, and the Webby Award.

EMMY Award, AFF Addy Award, Telly Award, Webby Award


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